Shelton Hull: Discovering Community Around Us

Shelton Hull is firmly embedded in Jacksonville’s culture and current events. As a writer and broadcaster, he brings the pulse to the people through his work as a columnist for Folio Weekly, a contributor to the “Jacksonville Music Experience”, and a regular panelist on ” First Coast Connect with Melissa Ross.” 

 I am inspired by people. The thing that I love about the work I do is that I get to follow my vision and chase the stories as need be.

In the Mix Interview

Charlee Guillaume, a multimedia designer with Mix Theory Studios, interviewed Shelton for the “In the Mix” video series as part of the Grand Opening events and the launch of on February 22, 2022. Video produced by Charlee Guillaume and Katie Stanley.

photo by Charlee Guillaume

Always on the go, Shelton is a regular contributor to Orlando Weekly, Creative Loafing Tampa, 904 Happy Hour, Arbus, and the Florida Times-Union.

I do a lot of my writing about the arts and music, and nonprofit organizations.

I like telling people’s stories.

Shelton is a co-host of “Bold City Civics” and “The Contrast Project”, both are podcasts and YouTube channels. 

These podcasts and channels will keep you updated on the flow of Northeast Florida and inform you of things you might not have otherwise known about life and law.  They can be found on Google Podcast, Spotify, Apple Podcast, and YouTube.

photo by Cindy Caldwell

Bold City Civics

On “Bold City Civics” Podcast, Shelton and his co-host John Louis Meeks Jr. speak of the government and legal systems which affect the United States and Jacksonville.

Getting involved in politics and legislation is more accessible once you have the know-how and the podcast gives a comprehensive outline of what’s happening with legislation and how it works. Anyone who wants a better understanding of their community and how to get involved should check it out. 

The Contrast Project

“The Contrast Project” focuses on Northeast Floridians and how they are involved with the community and everyday life.

2021 Season Finale of the Contrast Project featuring Mal Jones, Cultural Ambassador for Jacksonville, FL

The show introduces artists, entrepreneurs, and creatives from all walks of life who are sharing their stories and passions. Check out the most recent episodes of “The Contrast Project” with Shelton and Tracy Rigdon, his co-host, on YouTube.

I’m a huge jazz fan. It’s my favorite music. And as you know, northeast florida’s been deeply connected to the national and international jazz scene for decADES NOW.

Shelton is a co-founder of Bold City Music Productions, a record label that has released albums by LPT and DeAndre Lettsome. He can be reached via social media, or at You can also find him hosting trivia at Raindogs every Tuesday night at 7 pm. 

Listen to Bold City Music Productions’ latest release

DeAndre Lettsome’s album debuted in December 2021 and can be listened to on Spotify.