Kelly Kotera: Mentoring Next Generation Songwriters

Kelly Kotera has 40 years of experience as a sound engineer in the Hollywood music, film and TV industry. Kelly owns Screen Door Music, an ASCAP publishing company. He is actively seeking talented songwriters, and to that end, is currently teaching songwriting at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts in Jacksonville, Florida.

I teach the students very basic structure of make a strong chorus, make the hook, find a hook. If you find the hook, you get the hook, then the rest of the song is just support.

In the Mix Interview

Charlee Guillaume, a multimedia designer with Mix Theory Studios, interviewed Kelly for the “In the Mix” video series as part of the Grand Opening events and the launch of on February 22, 2022.  Photos and video produced by Charlee Guillaume and Katie Stanley.

Photo by Charlee Guillaume

Kelly received a platinum album for the “Eagles Live” as a recording engineer, and worked with artists including Frank Zappa, REO Speedwagon, Elvin Bishop, Les McCann and Jimmy Smith while working at the Record Plant Los Angeles.

it was quite a challenge, because they had a full orchestra behind them. Good musicians obviously, L.A. Philharmonic, the best they could choose.

Before Hollywood, Kelly played with The Coachmen of Nebraska and co-wrote a record that made the Billboard top 100. While with the Coachmen, Kelly had the opportunity to play keyboards for Sonny and Cher on tour.

Now Kelly focuses on building up students and his own catalogue. Kelly previously released two instrumentals on Apple, Prime and Spotify. In February 2022, he released a third album of songs called “1975.” Listen now.

Starting on March 29, 2022, Kelly will partner with Mix Theory Studios to host a Singer Songwriter Workshop Series. Every second and last Tuesday, singers and songwriters can get hands-on instruction, network with others, and receive professional studio experience with the ability to record hooks, riffs and even full-fledged songs. Multiple genres are welcome and highly encouraged.

Purchase your ticket on Eventbrite. This workshop series is limited to 10 participants.

we need another ‘breakthrough hit’ type group to come out of Jacksonville, as soon as possible. And I want to, in any way I can, help contribute.

Photo provided by Kelly Kotera

Kelly has a master’s degree in computer technology and has designed software apps for performing musicians.

Visit Screen Door Music for more information.

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