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Make the Most of Your Voice

Meet Tammy Young of Corporately Speaking. She has partnered with Mix Theory Studios to do voice over coaching and demo production sessions.


Find Profitable Gigs in the Voice Over Industry

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a fantastic voice? One that others want to listen to and echo back! Or maybe you often get compliments on your voice but have not given it a second thought? Most people do not realize how many opportunities are available in the voice-over (V/O) industry.

Tammy Young of Corporately Speaking has been exploring the world of voices for over 35 years. She has represented the “voice” of many corporations and businesses nationwide. She has also coached professionals and those just starting in this competitive industry.

In this blog post, we interviewed Tammy about her career and how she has helped people make the most of their voices and succeed in the voice-over world. Keep reading to learn more.

I wish someone had advised me to pursue my V/O career earlier!

~ Tammy Young, Voice Over talent, Coach, and Owner of Corporately Speaking

Q&A with Tammy Young of Corporately Speaking

Tell us about yourself.

I am a native of Florida and 35 year veteran of the Voiceover Industry, as V/O actor, coach, and V/O Director for a prominent Atlanta talent agency. I am also the owner of Corporately Speaking – a successful recording company of 26 years.

I have worked in all major markets and been “the voice” for dozens of businesses and corporations across the country.

My passion is still in the V/O industry after all these years, and my gratification is training future V/O talent and helping them launch their careers!

How did you get into the V/O Industry?

As I began my modeling career in 1980, I soon was booked for commercials with speaking roles. A particular client liked my voice and asked me to be the “voice” for his company. 

I immediately sought the best voiceover coach and signed up for one-on-one classes. It was SO worth it! I learned many key aspects of the industry. I have to admit she really “cleaned up” bad habits that I wasn’t even aware I had. 

After the course was completed, my coach recommended a great recording studio, where I recorded my first V/O demo. That equipped me with my essential marketing tool, and I was added  to the roster of V/O actors in prominent agencies.

Tammy Young is “awesome“! I am honestly still in disbelief that I have her mentorship, expertise and experience guiding me towards my dreams and goals within this industry! She is patient, kind and truly works her hardest to help those who are interested in making voice-over a career. She is such a sincere and passionate spirit which exudes in her sessions. I have retained so much knowledge within such a short amount of time! Tammy will stop at nothing to help you reach greatness which makes her such an exceptional mentor and coach! I have learned such valuable information about this industry through her that will make me highly competitive. Her professionalism and services are truly like no other. 😊💕

Atlanta-based V/O Coaching Client

What types of voices are most in demand?

From my experience, the types of voices most in demand are:

  • Voices that have a “neutral” delivery (no detectible, regional accent)
  • Voices that have a unique tone (great for company/product branding)
  • Voices that are diverse (can offer various accents, characters, are multi-lingual).

What are the most common mistakes that new people to the industry make?

Making poor choices regarding your investment in your V/O career, including:

  • Choosing not to seek professional V/O coaching, 
  • Choosing a poor or mediocre recording method for your V/O demo,
  • Choosing poor agency representation (only approach the best and reputable talent agencies!)

What is one piece of advice you wished you had earlier in your career?

I wish someone had advised me to pursue my V/O career earlier! I didn’t realize my potential until I worked with my V/O coach. She inspired and supported me to go for it!

Get your Voice Heard

Do you want to further your career or start a lucrative side hustle in the V/O Industry?

If so, you can benefit from expert insider knowledge and a personal calling card that will get you noticed and help you land gigs in this competitive field.

That is why Mix Theory Studios is excited to announce our partnership with V/O Industry veteran Tammy Young of Corporately Speaking. Together, we offer an exclusive new service for Jacksonville’s most talented voices.

Our V/O Demo Production Sessions are only available for local area bookings by selected voices. Submit your sample reading today to be considered for this new and exciting opportunity.

These sessions provide personalized attention and one-on-one coaching that will help cultivate, refine, and capture what it is about your natural tone and style that sets you apart. And, in just one 2-hour session, you’ll walk away with a professionally recorded demo tape that you can use to hook V/O opportunities anywhere around the globe.

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