Lisa Lofton: Pursuing Passions through Art

Lisa Lofton is a 2-D Artist who works primarily with acrylic on canvas. She is the current president of the Art Center Cooperative and serves as a board member of the Jacksonville Artist Guild. In late 2018, Lisa decided to leave the conventional workforce behind and pursue her passion to create.   While she enjoyed contract web and graphic design, painting and drawing are her heart’s desire.  

it’s just a lot of these strange and wonderful details that you find out about when you paint.

In the Mix

Charlee Guillaume, a multimedia designer with Mix Theory Studios, interviewed six local artists at the Art Center Cooperative in San Marco. This interview is part of the Artist Segment of In the Mix. Video produced by Charlee Guillaume with the help of guest videographer, Josh McLendon of Lost Media Solutions LLC. Photos provided by Lisa Lofton.

Lisa Lofton supported her son, Sean Lofton, a month ago at his thesis show at the University of Missouri. Her son also studied art at the University of North Florida.

Lisa started painting as a child with her mother and sister and originally studied architecture in college. She encourages everyone, including her son, to pursue their passion for the arts. After leaving her architecture practice, she worked for Bank of America and then for her family’s European linen business until her father passed away.

Lisa painting a cafeteria mural at STEAM school – SP Livingston.

That was when she decided to pick art back up. First, she ventured to the Art League of Jacksonville in Murray Hill. From there, she used her business skills to land a board seat with the Jacksonville Artist Guild. Now, she is able to help other artists through the gallery, workshops and outreach programs that the Art Center Cooperative offers.

There’s just a lot of different things that you can do in an organization like that. So I love it. And that’s why I’ve stayed with it, because it is a lot of hours.

Lisa uses scenes and history of Jacksonville and Florida as inspirations for her art.  Influenced by the architecture, people, landscape, and industry, she evokes an emotional connection to a time and place by combining bright acrylic colors, washes, charcoal and ink.  Her current series titled, “Vintage Florida,” was inspired by a diner placemat depiction of Florida, which brings back childhood memories of traveling to Florida.

You need to keep A sunshine state of mind these days to face all of the issues in the world and believe you can make some sort of difference. No matter how small.

Lisa painting at Hendricks Ave Elementary Fine Arts Night.

Find out More about Lisa

Lisa can be emailed at You can also explore Lisa’s website at and purchase her artwork through The Jax Art Collective.