Ron Episcopo: Defining Himself Through Art

Ron Episcopo started his journey with art in 2005 by studying basic photography, taking art classes, and engaging in the local art community. While he had wanted to study art in college, Ron pursued a career in business instead to appease his family. Many years later, he jumped on an opportunity to take an early retirement and now focuses 100% on his artwork. Ron is currently serving as the Chair for Art JAX 200, where he has been organizing events and exhibitions for the city’s bicentennial celebration on June 11, 2022.

Jacksonville has so much to offer, especially to the arts.

In the Mix

Charlee Guillaume, a multimedia designer with Mix Theory Studios, interviewed six local artists at the Art Center Cooperative in San Marco. This interview is part of the Artist Segment of In the Mix. Video and photos produced by Charlee Guillaume with the help of guest videographer, Josh McLendon of Lost Media Solutions LLC.

Ron Episcopo at the Art Center Cooperative Gallery in San Marco.

Ron is a Mixed Media artist who incorporates photography, painting, paper or other media to create new pieces of art. Ron has won a number of awards in South Florida, nationally and currently in Jacksonville. His works have been exhibited locally at the Cummer Museum and Gardens, The Museum of Contemporary Art, and The Museum of Science and History. Most recently, he was among a group of international artists to exhibit at Art Republic Global.

as a friend of mine said, I’m constantly reinventing myself and reinventing my art.

Ron showcases his art throughout his home. This piece is called “The Lion’s Eye,” which is a mixture of two antique circus posters and paint. Available for sale for $700.

Throughout his life, Ron faced a variety of influences that encouraged him to live by socially-acceptable norms, instead of his true authentic self. Now, he defines himself. He is an artist. He pursues his passion with the support of his husband and is proud of his creations and accomplishments.

Ignore the critics. If you’re passionate about what you do, just go for it.

Finding Inspiration

Ron believes inspiration comes in many forms from passion to nature to personal journeys.

Such is the case of artist Erik Wahl, who left Corporate America to pursue his passions in spite of all the negativity that was against him. Ron was inspired by Erik Wahl’s book: Unthink.

Learn More about Ron’s Work

Visit or contact him at By chance, you may find Ron wondering about town as he’s actively engaged in the local art scene. If you’re lucky, you’ll share conversations and libations on his front porch. He’s simply fabulous.

Awards & Recognitions

  • Fort Lauderdale Artist Guild: Best in Show 2014
  • South Florida Art Exhibition: 3rd Place
  • Fort Lauderdale Artist Guild: Best in Show 2015
  • WJCT: 3rd Place
  • Judges Honorable Mention for We ALL Bleed The Same BloodChords of Unity Exhibition