Words Matter to the Heart and Mind

Introducing “Words Fitly Spoken” Podcast by MADISEL Group

Communication is an essential aspect of our lives, whether it’s verbal or nonverbal. It bridges relationships and cultivates a deeper understanding of oneself and the people around us. Words have an impact, and they matter more than we realize, especially when it comes to mental health. Words that are spoken or heard can either encourage or harm the mind and heart. This is why Sandra D. Johnson, a mental health coach and founder of MADISEL Group, is launching a new podcast, “Words Fitly Spoken,” on September 12, 2023.

For Families Having Real-Life Conversations

On “Words Fitly Spoken,” you can expect to hear episodes that deal with emotional and mental health. There will be talks about real-life situations that we all face, including anger, depression, and anxiety. These topics are relevant to individuals, families, and workplaces. Sandra is passionate about sharing her knowledge and expertise on mental health, and she wants to help as many people as possible.

She knows that one crucial aspect of mental health is communication. Communication helps individuals express their feelings and emotions, which gives them a sense of relief and clarity. It’s not just about talking; individuals need to be heard and understood, which, in turn, helps them feel valued. As they say, a problem shared is a problem halved. Of course, effective communication is key. Words Fitly Spoken tackles effective communication and helps the listener discern how to shift conversations for better results.

Mental health is incredibly important to families, regardless of age. It’s vital to focus on mental health to have a healthier life. The journey is not always easy, but the first step is to take the initiative to talk about it. The MADISEL Group aims to listen, encourage, and coach individuals and families on the importance of mental health. With Sandra’s expertise and experience, you can expect to gain valuable insights into emotional and mental health.

Tune In Tuesdays & Thursdays

This podcast will air every Tuesday and Thursday, and Season 1 will consist of 21 episodes. You can listen to “Words Fitly Spoken” on YouTube, Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Podcasts. In each episode, Sandra will provide you with practical tips and strategies to help you take control of your mental health.

Mental health is essential to every aspect of our lives, and we need to take care of it like we take care of our physical health. Words matter, and they can have a significant impact on our well-being, whether it’s a positive or negative one. The “Words Fitly Spoken” podcast by the MADISEL Group is a great resource for families who need mental health coaching. With episodes centered around emotional and mental health, communication, and real-life situations, you can expect to gain valuable insights and practical tips to take control of your mental health. Tune in every Tuesday and Thursday on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, and let Sandra and her team help you on your mental health journey. Remember that you are not alone, and seeking help is a sign of strength, not weakness.

Meet Coach Sandra

Sandra D. Johnson is an author, content developer, podcaster, and Emotional Wellness Life Coach who specializes in mental health, emotional wellness, and behavior transition. She has worked with young people in crisis for 30 years. She started MADISEL Group to reclaim the value and importance of the whole family unit working together for stronger relationships and connectivity! Sandra is a developer of curriculum for new thinking which leads to behavior change. Sandra also enjoys doing podcast and speaking to groups to motivate and encourage a healthy view of self and others.

MADISEL, which stands for “Making A Difference In Someone Else’s Life!!” Is a Behavior & Emotional Wellness Coaching service that provides emotional and mental health wellness products and services to youth & parents. No matter if it is crisis prevention or working on
rebuilding broken relationships through improved communication, we provide support for change and growth. Madisel Group, LLC is a Certified Minority Woman-Owned Business, specializing in Emotional & Mental Health Support for young people and adults. Sandra is an advocate for education, which is evidenced by her discipline for higher education with several graduate degrees in multidisciplinary studies. For her past time, Sandra enjoys watching her favorite sports teams on the field and the courts.

Specific areas of focus:
Certified Trauma Professional
Certified Mental Health Coach
Social Media & Podcast: @MadiselCoach & MadiselTV
Business website: www.themadiselgroup.com
Merchandise website: https://bewellatmadisel.myshopify.com

Production Team

Words Fitly Spoken podcast was recorded and edited by Mix Theory Studios, Inc., who also created the MADISEL Group music featured in this podcast.