The Process of Self-Management

We talk about helpful tips for personal life management. A mismanagement will lead to a crisis. This topic requires personal evaluation. 

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An old saying (“Don’t be a follower, be a leader!”) made us think we had to take sides. You are either a follower or a leader. Well, we should actually be both in this life journey! 

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Show Episode Transcripts

Welcome to at MADISEL Coach and MADISEL TV’s Words Fitly Spoken podcast. Hello there. I’m Coach Sandra, and I’m the host of Words Fitly Spoken podcast. Words Fitly spoken are words spoken at the right time for your encouragement and enrichment. On this podcast, we will deal with emotional and mental wellness by talking about the conflicts we have in our everyday relationships, whether at home, work, school, and the community.

Stop in to hear some helpful words that create awareness about your emotional health. This is Mattis Health coach, and I wanna just give you a couple, just a couple of powerful tips that I think can be helpful in, um, in multiple situations. So this is about your management. I think that we all love that word for whatever reason.

It’s just, it’s such. Um, a powerful word. Management, management, uh, being a manager. Uh, and I guess it’s tied to being a leader. Being in charge. Being in control. And so I wanna just deal with this for just a couple of minutes. Uh, I’m giving you some powerful tips about management. Whatever you mismanage, you lose.

So when you mismanage something, you’re going to lose it. And so I want us to think about. What have you felt that you’ve lost? And if you look carefully at it, there was some mismanagement that that happened. This is not to put a lot of pressure on you to say, oh, it’s all your fault. We’re not talking about fault.

We’re talking about your process. Whatever you mismanage, you lose. You need to see when we have a crisis. That is actually the result of some mismanagement somewhere. Doesn’t necessarily have to be on you, but there’s some mismanagement and a mismanagement leads to a crisis. That’s the key thing to remember there.

Mismanagement will lead to a crisis. So what that should do is bring us to this other tip that says, if I want to correct a crisis, I gotta correct the management. If you’re the management, you have to be corrected. We have crisis all the time, and we also see how crisis they get multiplied or they, they turn into pandemics or epidemics because of mismanagement.

So how are you managing yourself? So if you wanna avoid crisis or you want to limit the number of crisis that you can have in a day, in a week, in a month, in a year, check the management. Check how you are, uh, dealing with yourself, how you’re managing your resources, how you’re paying attention to the details.

How are you managing your attitude, your emotions, your thoughts. Your relationships. I will also add, ’cause this is not on my list here, how are you managing what you say you value? How are you managing that? We each get to have our own values and our values are about our experiences. They’re about your feelings, you’re about your emotions.

They’re not identical to someone else. So how are you managing it? Not how someone else is managing you. How are you managing it? And by the way, for the parents who are listening, children have to manage their own values. Children have to manage their own feelings. The more you empower them to do more self-management, really the stronger they’re becoming in their character.

They’re not depending on parents for everything. They were born to grow up. They weren’t born to stay Babies, this requires repeating. Children were born to grow up. They’re not born to remain babies. They have to learn as they grow. Not dictated. Not demanded, but learn that involves teaching doesn’t involve a ton of punishment.

It involves discipline. That involves structure, that involves building. They must learn self-management to become healthy adults who have self management. Self-management helps me to work on my leadership skills. Everyone who manages is not a leader. Everyone who manages is not a leader. Every one of us has leadership in us.

Leadership is not a position, it’s my character. So I go back to, say, How are you managing your attitudes? How are you managing your emotions? How are you managing your feelings, your thoughts, your relationships? How are you managing yourself?

Thanks so much for stopping in.

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