POPUP: Jacksonville Beach Music Festival

Mix Theory Studios held its first ever PopUp Studio during the Jacksonville Beach Seawalk Music Festival in June 2021.

SEASON 1: Are you a native or a transplant?

For two days, Jesus and Shannon Vivar met with festival-goers while the music played in the background.  The weather mostly cooperated until a big storm swept in and nearly took down our whole setup – the tent, the equipment and possibly even Shannon –  one the first day.   

Listen to the audio clip of Shannon and Jesus discussing the excitement. Luckily, we did survive, because a few awesome music lovers stopped and willingly grabbed a pole to save the day.  

check out jaxtapose season 1.

Thank you to all the people that spoke with us at the Jacksonville Beach Seawalk Music Festival. We met some great people and got their story.  Check out Season 1 of the JAXTAPOSE podcast, Episodes 1 through 5, to hear what they had to say.