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Mix Theory Studios produces original music for both artists, as well as for multimedia content.  Whether you are a rapper, singer, poet or podcaster, Mix Theory Studios’ in-house producers collaborate with clients to create music that compliments the message they are sharing with the world.

We make music that tells your story

Punch Boi ~ Chief Sound Engineer & In-house Producer

The creative process at Mix Theory Studios centers around collaboration. That is why Jesus “DJ PM” Vivar, CEO of Mix Theory Studios, emphasizes how important building the community within the studio is. Diverse thoughts and experiences in the creativity process leads the way to new and fresh ideas.

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mts lab beats

Music isn’t something I do. Music is an art, a science, a great conversation between me and the instruments.

Punch Boi ~ Chief Sound Engineer & In-House Producer

Alert – New Single Release

On Valentine’s Day 2022, Mix Theory Studios helped a Jacksonville artist, Laylautie, release her new single “BP2.” The music video will be available in March 2022. Check out her on Spotify.

Stay tuned for more hits coming soon!