I Just Want Attention

Why is ‘wanting attention a bad thing’? We need to discuss normalizing our need for attention. This is also a space that we send out a warning that isolation is not good for our emotional and mental health. We require human connectivity. 

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The theme of this message is inspired by the anthem of “Sticks, Stones, Words Still Hurt” message. Many people suffer from the emotional and mental stress caused by hateful and negative words! This problem is manageable by choosing to stop participating in speaking harmful words to fellow humans. 

No one is doing self-harm or suicide acts because of cuss words or fowl language. The real bad words are destroying our future generations. 

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Show Episode Transcripts

Welcome to at MADISEL Coach and MADISEL TV’s Words Fitly Spoken podcast. Hello there. I’m Coach Sandra, and I’m the host of Words Fitly Spoken podcast. Words Fitly spoken are words spoken at the right time for your encouragement and enrichment. On this podcast, we will deal with emotional and mental wellness by talking about the conflicts we have in our everyday relationships, whether at home, work, school, and the community.

Stop in to hear some helpful words that create awareness about your emotional health. Welcome back. Welcome back. Thank you for stopping by Words Fitly Spoken at MADISEL coach. We are glad to have you and we’re going to jump right in.

Our topic today is attention, attention, attention, everybody, everybody pay attention. No, really? It’s not about paying attention. It’s about, um, you know, why have we made wanting attention a bad thing? Yes, I said it. Why have we made the topic of wanting attention a bad thing? This is how we have heard the statement used.

They just want some attention. Or they did that because they want attention. So, what we’re, we’re doing is, we will then dismiss the person, that beautiful human life, we’ll dismiss it by ignoring them. Oh, they just want attention. Just ignore that. Uh, something’s going on, something is going on. Hey, wanting attention, wanting some attention is actually very normal.

How about we normalize that? So wanting attention is normal. Most people don’t talk about it this way, so I have to. Our mental and emotional well being depends on the acknowledgement of being seen and heard. Thank you. Check it. If we are ignored, we are not seen, we are not heard. That is a insult to our humanity.

Children require this as a part of their healthy development. Amen. So. We’ve heard of, you know, like when that new baby comes into the world and the beauty of skin to skin connection. Babies who grew up in an orphanage and they don’t get that. It affects their development. Now, do people, children and adults, do things, to just get attention.

They do. Yes, indeed. But it also communicates there’s a reason for that. Something is going on. Something is probably out of balance that they are craving attention from anyone or anything. So something’s missing. So we should be asking questions about that instead of ignoring the behavior. I think sometimes it’s about, especially when it comes to family and emotional wellness, family dynamics.

Sometimes it’s just about saying, you know what, young person, I see you. Hey, I see you. Hey, Kim, I see you. Hey, Gerald. I see you. Thank you, Stacy. I see you, Jose. I see you, Stephanie. Sometimes it’s just that simple.

We also need to spend time with each other. So, human interactions are important. We’re coming out of a time because of this thing called social distancing that was a part of the pandemic and we had to isolate. And isolation by itself is scary. It is not a good thing. We were not created to isolate. What I am seeing on this side of what may be called post pandemic, um, I’m seeing some children who are finding isolation very comfortable.

They are, they are craving it. They’re separating themselves from their families. They’re separating themselves, um, from human interaction. And they’re isolating in a room. Um, they sometimes aren’t even required to come out and interact with family. That means they’re eating by themselves. Uh, they’re playing, um, these video games that they may or may not be playing against someone and interacting, um, in a virtual world.

But even that… If that’s all they’re getting, it’s not going to be healthy. So we got to pay attention to the issue of attention. So that means we have to stop ignoring it. Stop ignoring this attention situation and treating it like, Oh, it’s another way of punishing someone by not paying attention to them.

Not a good thing. Um, so if I ignore that, then it’s going to change their behavior. No, they might go deeper. They might go deeper, away from you. Further away. Um, again, human needs. Humans need attention from other humans. Our pets and things are wonderful. They great. They bring us, uh, joy and, and, and emotional wellness and, and healthy things like that.

And it’s great. But pets are not human. Okay? Humans need human interaction. See me, hear me, know me, talk to me.

Share your story with me. Being an adult or being older than the next person means you arrive to earth first. I think, Because you arrived first, it means you have to be ready to support or give support, offer support to the newcomers, the younger ones, the new generation. Um, and you offer that support by choosing to, to, uh, not show condemnation or to

make them feel like you are superior. It just means you got here before they did. Um, attention is important. Pay attention to the issue of attention. Do not allow people to be in spaces where they’re ignored. Let people know you see them. Let them know you hear them. I’m one of those people that I, when I walk to and from or I’m in a public place or wherever I think it’s great to say hello.

I think it’s great to smile. Um, I have a great smile. I love it. Right? I love my smile and I love sharing it with other people. So I’ll smile at people. That’s my way of saying, I notice you. I don’t, somebody may think it’s creepy. I’ll live with that. Okay. Um, but I don’t want people to walk through earth and not feel like they’re seen.

Heard Or treat it like they’re equal Our humanity is struggling right now Because of division Isolation is a part of that division being ignored

Because we’re not paying attention so something to think about I appreciate you for stopping in today.   Remember, leave us your comments. Tell us your thoughts. Do you like to be seen, heard, acknowledged? I believe it’s a part of your humanity. Tell us what you think. We welcome your questions, your thoughts, your feedback.

Thanks for stopping by Words Fitly Spoken at MADISEL Coach.  Bye bye. See you next time.