Expect More of Yourself

The power of expectation can move us to greater heights. In this podcast we discuss the importance of evaluating what we expect from ourselves. Self-motivation is a personal responsibility. 

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Show Episode Transcripts

Welcome to at MADISEL Coach and MADISEL TV’s Words Fitly Spoken podcast. Hello there. I’m Coach Sandra, and I’m the host of Words Fitly Spoken podcast. Words Fitly spoken are words spoken at the right time for your encouragement and enrichment. On this podcast, we will deal with emotional and mental wellness by talking about the conflicts we have in our everyday relationships, whether at home, work, school, and the community.

Stop in to hear some helpful words that create awareness about your emotional health. Hey everybody. Thanks for stopping by. We welcome you back in to Words Fitly Spoken at MADISEL Coach. I’m family coach Sandra. And today I want to just hit you with this topic.

Do you expect more of yourself? Again, let me ask that question. Do you expect more?

It’s an important question because sometimes in the family we put everybody else under a major microscope or a telescope for their expectations. I expect you to be on time. I expect you to say hello. I expect to be respected. I expect this to be done. And I expect that to be done. But what about you? What about your expectations for you?

This is not about perfection, but it’s motivation. So sometimes what happens with us is that we settle for less. And again, this could be your children that are settling for less. Your, uh, significant other is settling for less. I even asked the question this way, are you trying to survive on crumbs? Get a visual on that one.

Surviving on crumbs. It means you’re like picking up scraps instead of eating the whole mental meal or the whole emotional meal. Let me just get some scraps here and there, or let me just get a few crumbs. That’s not good. I need you to expect more of yourself. We often wait to be encouraged by others when it comes to our accomplishments.

Now I find this a lot with young adults. They’re waiting to be encouraged by others to accomplish something great. What if you decided to just expect more of yourself? So stop and do an evaluation to say, Hey, you know what? I can do that better. Today I gave 69%. Even though I was tired, I’m not going to accept that excuse from me.

I’m going to do better. So I’m not going to lean in on here’s why I didn’t give the whole 100. All I had was 69. If you can do better, do better. Expect more of yourself. You know, this talk is for not just the parent, but for that teenager, for that young adult, for that Uh, young person who will listen to say, I can do better.

I can have a better relationship with my family members. I don’t have to isolate. That’s something that I see that’s, uh, becoming more and more popular because we have so many digital and virtual.

So we drift and we drift and we drift away and then we wonder why we’re living in a house with strangers. I need you to expect more in your relationship. I need you to expect more of what you can give in the relationship. The relationship is not just about the other person always giving to you because what happens in that is you become fully a taker.

But you also have to be giving in the relationship. You have to find balance in that giving. What I’m finding in with parents is some of them are over giving, and then they say that the child, the young person is all that they have in the world. That means you don’t have yourself. If someone else outside of you is all that you have, then you don’t have you.

So, That means you’re not expecting more of yourself. You’re expecting more of that young person, more of that spouse, and you’re not expecting more of you. So take a look at that. Your self motivation is your responsibility. Sometimes people will not show you appreciation.

The person didn’t say thank you. Your kids, uh, take and they never give. Um, the cat ignores your extra effort. Zoom keeps dropping during your important meetings. You just don’t feel appreciated. And then the sink is clogged on top of everything else. It doesn’t matter. Your self motivation is still your responsibility.

What are you saying to yourself? How are you viewing yourself? Your self talk is about you. Your self talk is for you. Are you so busy correcting everyone else that you’re not looking on the inside to say, Wow, I need to pause long enough to take care of me. That’s about expecting more of yourself.

Make the decision. To work hard anyway, share a smile anyway, show up with joy, grab the plunger and make things happen because you can. I’m not waiting for somebody else to tell me the sink is clogged and it needs to be repaired. I’m going to notice it and I’m going to be the solution to the problem.

Expect more of yourself. You encourage you and receive it as high value. My encouragement of me, think about it. My encouragement of me is high value.

You know why? It’s because I’m worth it. Thanks for stopping by today. Feed on these words, allow yourself to be encouraged and remember you must expect more of yourself. Take the pressure off of what you are expecting of the universe and get yourself in check. You are valuable, you are worth it.   Thanks for stopping by and hanging out with Coach Sandra today.

We are talking about Words Fitly Spoken at MADISEL coach. And today we said, expect more of yourself.  See you next time. Bye bye.