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Step into the shoes of John Buchanan, a man who has used unconventional methods to overcome alcohol addiction. In this bonus episode, he shares his deeply personal journey, reliving childhood experiences with the help of ayahausca, mushrooms, and meditation and how he overcame the stored emotions that his ego had protected him from over the years. His healing story reveals the power of forgiveness from the heart. Our featured guest, John Buchanan, is a distributor of LifeWave X39 stem cell patches, amongst other roles. The full interview between John and Shannon Vivar is available at in the Vitality Exchange group.

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Check out Episode 4 of Investing in Vitality: Conscious Consumer where John talks about his personal experience with LifeWave X39 after falling off a ladder.

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Investing in Vitality
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John Buchanan | LifeWave X39 Distributor

John is a passionate and ambitious Floridian, with a dynamic history full of diverse cultures and unique life experiences. His early entrepreneurial spirit led him to start working at twelve years old mowing yards and selling fireworks door to door.

After high school, his tenacity paid off when he bought his first house at twenty-two; from there, he continued to build up a substantial rental portfolio before establishing his own real estate brokerage in 2001 which included notable clients such as Wells Fargo and Bank of America. John also held elected positions between 2003-2009 as a city council member and Mayor for a town in North Florida.

Currently, John is dedicating much of his energy to health, wellness and personal development. He has experimented with plant medicine journeys with Ayahuasca, clinical Ketamine treatments, hypnotherapy sessions, remote viewing, and meditation retreats with Dr. Joe Dispensa.

After a back injury led him to try the regenerating power of stem cell patches, John now is a distributor for LifeWave X39. Along with his transformation, he formed a new company called Working On My People Skills. Its main focus is help others with any change in their own life from stem cell patches to self-exploration, meditation & releasing the past with forgiveness & comedy. We all go though stuff in life, you might as well add laughter along the journey.

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 Welcome to Vitality Exchange Boost in Conversations the interview series behind the Investing in Vitality podcast. On today’s bonus episode, I’m sharing a clip from my conversation with John Buchanan, a gentleman I met during a Dr. Joe Dispenza Walk for the World event in September, 2023. He has spent the last several years battling alcohol with alternative healing methods such as psychedelics, hypnotherapy, and meditation retreats.

John and I talk about the ego, its role in health and wellness, and how he came to this realization. The full conversation with John Buchanan can be found in the Vitality Exchange Group within the WellStylist Lab community platform.

I started out with the ayahuasca in Costa Rica and once that opened up. Everything for me, and the consciousness. I really just said, Oh my God, there’s so much more. Like, I don’t even know one percent.

And I still could not stop drinking. And I had done the ayahuasca 12 times and it’s, it still wasn’t getting me where I needed to go.

so then we started, uh, hypnotherapy, I started ketamine treatments with a doctor, and I did muscle testing, remote viewing, I did all kinds of stuff to try to figure out. me  but the The journey that we’ve had, I don’t regret anything. Each individual path that has happened has got me to where I am. And the, mushroom journeys, ayahuasca journeys, I’ve gone back into my childhood and relived childhood experiences through that.

But I’ve also relived childhood experiences in my meditations and reprogrammed the memory. And that’s how, you know, we’re helping people with PTSD.  Be able to overcome their health issues is by the neuropathways if you if you get into an accident of some kind Yeah, the memories ingrained in the brain, but so is the pain from the car accident so every time you think of the car accident the body starts tensing up and remembers that and One of my friends is like the issues are in the tissues you know to remember that that memory leaves that inside of you and to go back in in meditation and rewire the Memory that you still have the memory of the event, but you lose the physical pain out of it in that process and it’s It’s very profound and very deep when you, when you relive a past experience.

Well, so there was a lot to unpack there John. So we’re gonna go bite sized because I think right off the bat the fact that you went straight to ayahuasca It’s an interesting fact, right? Yeah, I mean because again, not only did you go okay? I need to stop drinking. So I’m gonna do something different, which is a big step in itself.

 But then to go, okay, and I’m just going to go straight to Costa Rica, I’m going to go out of country and actually do ayahuasca, which I’ve heard the ayahuasca journey, I have not tried it myself, but I’ve heard the ayahuasca journey could be pretty rough and you definitely want to have somebody around you that’s trained to facilitate in the proper way.

Yes.   So, explain the experience for somebody who’s never been. Yeah. The ayahuasca experience, there’s no two nights ever the same.

the first night I was so controlling, like trying to control the outcome. And if you ever hear people in this work, talk about surrender, it’s really. A real thing. Surrender is like truly letting go and letting the universe take care of what it needs to take care of inside of your body.

And I didn’t do that the first night, so the second night I was trying to control again, I saw some lights and I was trying to grab them. And then I finally was like, okay just show me whatever I need to see. And then everything went black.  My brother tried to stab my shot a gun at him. I relived this whole experience in Costa Rica as a 10 year old. And then after that, it was a lot of dark energy and a lot of stuff happening to me and it was horrific. And I was praying to Jesus to come and save me and nothing, nothing, you know, came out of it.

Um. Except horror and just real dark stuff. Three weeks go by, and whenever you do any sort of journey, if you do mushrooms, if you do a meditation, if you do an event with Dr. Joe, the integration afterwards is the key.

So when I got home three weeks later after the ayahuasca, a woman, friend of mine, says, what was happening with the devils and the demons and all the dark?

I don’t understand that. And that’s when the memory of my brother, When I was six was in my bedroom and he was doing the Ouija board and trying to resurrect the devil with chance in my room. And that stuff was still sitting inside my memory in my brain and I blacked it out, I didn’t even realize it.

So it wasn’t the violent event with, you’d think with my dad shooting a gun that would have been the real thing, but it wasn’t. It was all the dark energy that my brother was trying to just really put in our bedroom as a child, and that was still floating around in my consciousness and in my brain that I didn’t know, and then when I realized that, I was like, okay, there’s gotta be so much more going on.

for me,  and , I just started exploring for the last four years. I’ve just been, show me more, We’re just so busy watching TV and news and our daily lives that we don’t even realize what’s really going on internally, that we’re masking with Amazon shopping, alcohol, cigarette, whatever.

It doesn’t even matter what it is. We’re all just not really wanting to look within and that’s what’s preventing a lot of us from healing inside.

you talked about writing a letter to your ego.

Yes   so the first season of investing in vitality, I’ve actually named it ego the whole point of Ego is to really dive into thinking about when you react. To whether it’s a recommendation for a supplement or  Listening to somebody talk about their ayahuasca journey, right? Like you will have a reaction. Mm hmm That reaction is actually more important to pay attention to than the actual story that you’re listening to right?

 Because it will show you what you’re already thinking about , without even exploring it yourself, you’ve already formed a judgment based off of your ecosystem. Like it could be your church and your community could be your upbringing, could be your job. You might think, Oh gosh, I can’t do this. I could never try that because what if it’s a controlled substance and I get tested at work and I lose my job, all this stuff, right?

It’s trying to get people to be a little bit more introspective Not even just in the process of listening to trends and figuring out what’s out there, you know to try But to actually see how you react in your own way to those types of events and yeah, absolutely, so you wrote a letter to your ego

absolutely Yeah, it’s a life changing where did you come up with the idea of writing yourself a letter? Uh, It was the  third night of doing the medicine, and the doctor that was on staff was like, I’m like, I can’t live through that.

What I went through last night. I cannot. He goes, just write your intention that you wanted the medicine to be calm and loving and to show you something. And I took the medicine and I fell asleep. Nobody falls asleep on ayahuasca. I mean, they’re, they’re usually purging. Um, and so I fell asleep for two hours and I woke up and they called for a second cup and I was like, I’m trying to overcome addiction.

I’m trying to like, stop putting the drink down, stop putting the beer down. And I’m like, so that addictive personality, I just was like, you know what? Let me go talk to myself. And I just got some paper and I went and sat by the fire and I just, it just started all on coming out. And, and I, going back to my earlier statement,  the universe knows what we need.

It knows the path that we need. It knows like, okay, we’ll get to you. I think the universe truly was using my energy to heal my alcoholism as a leverage against myself, if that makes any sense. , like if you have a child that’s really motivated to go do something and you’re like, clean your room first, right? I know that. I know that strategy. I have a 14 year old. Yeah. Well, God, God was doing that to me.

Like he knew my motivation to quit drinking was really strong and it’s like, oh, okay. And then it took years to quit. And, uh, and it’s, some people can quit in one day, it’s fine. But I think the universe was like, you know what? Let’s take him on this journey and let’s open up his awareness and let’s show him all these other things.

 So, going back to your comment about the ego. It was literally just this long letter like the ego is the bouncer of your life because I’m a drinker, right? So I’m like I said, that’s how I equated it The bouncer stands at the door and it doesn’t let people in doesn’t let oh if there’s a girl want to date me and oh I red flag, you know how people see red flags.

That’s your ego for trying to protect you That’s all that is when you when you look and see a red flag. That’s our ego trying to protect you and So I realized I’m like if you trust in the higher Spirituality You don’t need the ego to protect you, you know, the source will protect you. And so it was literally saying, and then I fell in love with my ego.

I’m like, thank you so much for all these years of protecting me, but I don’t need you. I need you to stand beside me, and if you’re going to protect me from anything, Out in the world, protect me from myself.  Because I’m the one destroying this whole… I’m the one effing this whole thing up. You’re the one that’s killing your liver.

I’m the one killing the liver. I’m killing my relationships. I’m being rude to people because of the ego. When somebody says something, I immediately get a chip on my shoulder. Used to. And, uh, so I’m like, I just had this whole amazing hour long relationship with my ego. And just like a real sit down talk.

And it was such life changing that when it shows up again… I’m like, oh, there you are. Okay. I, I see what’s happening. Okay, great. Appreciate it. Thank you so much. But I need you to just chill out. I got, I got this, you know, source and I got this covered. we’re not, so you, you’ve been sober now. Three years.

Three years. Yes.  How I quit drinking was Um, I did a mushroom ceremony And I was Blasted Drunk the weekend before.

I mean blasted. Woke up in a hotel room I don’t know where I lost my cell phone, like blasted and I’m a successful guy. I got my own company and everything else, but I just was like partying with friends and I was like, all right, I’m, I’m not going to work. And so I partied all weekend. So I go to do this mushroom ceremony and the lady, the shaman was amazing.

Just absolutely a beautiful soul. And she saw that I was procrastinating, you know, that I wasn’t doing the inner work. She’s like, go inside and lay on that couch and go and do your work. And it’s went in there. And as soon as I did, I laid down. And within 10 seconds, I was in my living room when I was seven years old.

Now, back in 2018, I saw a friend in Ireland and they reiterated that this event I’m about to tell you did happen. I’m not making this up. This really happened and he’s, will vouch for it today. So I’m, I’m on this lady’s couch in South Florida and I’m now back standing in the living room with my seven year old self.

And my dad is drunk on one knee and he said, I’m leaving and I’m never coming home and you, I’m going to put you in charge. You need to take care of your mother. And I’m crying profusely. And my 50 year old self is there and I turn, my seven year old turns and looks up and sees me now in the room. Maybe as a ghost, I don’t know what my seven year old sees, but sees a spirit, sees something.

And I just looked at him and I had my hand over my heart on the lady’s couch. And I said, son, you’re, I’m you. You’re going to live a effed up life. You’re going to go through some real weird shit, but you know, you are going to make it out. I am you. We’re going to be just fine. My seven year old stops crying and turns around and hugs my father and says, I love you.

I want you to know this isn’t you talking, this is the alcohol talking.  And instantaneously, I’m back on this woman’s couch shaking, vibrating. My whole body is flipping around. And the energy came out of my body miraculously. And from that moment forward, I, the desire to drink has left. Just, if you offered me cauliflower, I’d be like, oh, no thanks.

Uh, you know, and it’s the same way with alcohol. I have no desire to drink. It’s just gone. Instant, it was gone instantly, just like that. And, people think I’m crazy, and I’m like, I don’t care. I’m, I’m, I’m happy. I’m happy and I’m sober. And I’m, I’m like, if that’s what it took, you know. And, and I jumped off the couch, and you can imagine after.

It was 2021 and I had started this journey in 2018, so three years of going through all of this. I was so ecstatic. I was, I knew that I was done drinking instantaneously. I got it. I don’t need those mushrooms now. Yeah. I was so thrilled. I mean, I just was like, Oh my God, I forever changed. it was like you, if you won the lottery or if you won the super bowl, I just knew my life was forever.

I’m, I’m a different man and I was ecstatic. .  Part of this healing that I don’t know if anybody in your audience needs to hear this, but it’s so powerful that when you forgive in your brain and you mentioned earlier how you have different senses in your body, your heart, the electric magnetic field in the heart, which Dr.

Joe talks about is a hundred times greater than the electric magnetic field in your brain. And so when you forgive in your brain and you hear somebody, if you ask somebody for forgiveness and they go, yeah, yeah, yeah, they don’t, they’re not, they’re forgiving you in the brain, not in the heart. But if they literally look you in the eye and they’re like, Oh, it’s fine.

I love you. And so I appreciate your apology. And they, and you can feel the energy shift. Uh, but when you can forgive in the heart and not the brain or both,  It’s a completely different energy shift in the, in the human body and the healing will take place with inside of you just from that forgiveness in your heart, not in your head.

And it’s a real thing.

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John and I talk about everything from ayahuasca and mushroom ceremonies to remote viewing out-of-body experiences and the life wave X 39 stem cell patches. They have made huge differences in his health and vitality

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