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The U.S. has 30-40 million cats, and 70% of cats in shelters are euthanized. This podcast is designed to inform the public and provide awareness through guest interviews so the public can decide to adopt/rescue a cat or kitten. These guests share their unique perspectives of companionship and how the cats enrich each owner’s life.¬†


Mary Anne Sheehan 

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Mary Anne Sheehan



A portion of the proceeds from these six interviews will benefit the Jacksonville Humane Society (JHS) and the Caffeinated Cat Cafe (501)c3, who do the work of housing, feeding, and caring for these animals 24-7. The Cole Veterinary is Super Kitty’s vet. Their information provides insight and cares for many adopted animals. The book Super Kitty can be found on and Amazon offers a 30-day free trial for audiobooks for the public who prefer to listen over reading.

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Episode 6: Cats Are Great Companions

Mary Anne continues the conversation with Diane, Stuart's wife, about their Sphinx cats. As a lifelong cat owner, Diane shares the companionship she has developed with her cats over the years. Diane switched to her cats' current breed when allergies emerged in her forties. This episode wraps up Season 1 of Super Kitty as these ladies reminisce about their pets, both past, and present.

Episode 5: Unconditional Love for Unusual Breeds

Generally, people just know whether they're a dog person or a cat person. But determining what breed of animal to adopt is another story. Stuart, a retiree and proud owner of Sphinx cats, shares with Mary Anne why he chose this breed. Each cat has a distinct personality, and Stuart can answer all your questions on this breed. From fur balls to t-shirts, Mary Anne and Stuart trade stories like proud pet parents.

Episode 4: The Bond between Pets and their Owners

Mary Ann Sheehan sits with her neighbor, Ben, to discuss how his newly adopted dog has transformed his life. Hank, Ben's dog, was adopted after four years from S.A.F.E. Pet Rescue and Thrift Store, a shelter in St. Augustine. These pet owners recall their first interactions with their new family members. They also agree on the importance of being responsible, compassionate, and committed when adopting a rescue pet.

Episode 3: Respite at Avant-Garde Rescue Sanctuaries

Mary Anne Sheehan returns to the beginning of her journey to the cat rescue sanctuary where she first saw Ginger. She chats with Tammy King, the owner of the Caffeinated Cat, a 501(c)3 in Jacksonville Beach. The Caffeinated Cat offers an opportunity to sip coffee or tea and pet the many cats waiting for a loving home. I did my first book signing there and recommend this business to anyone who wants to contribute by buying a cup of coffee or adopting a rescue cat.

Episode 2: Pet Care Advice from a Veterinary

Super Kitty, a self-published book by Mary Anne Sheehan, tells the story of adopting a rescue cat, Ginger (aka Super Kitty). On this episode, Mary Anne talks with Frances Hyde, a certified veterinary technician. Frances works at Cole Veterinary Office in Jacksonville Beach, where Ginger had her first check-up. Cole Veterinary Office provides care for cats and dogs. Frances gives some tips to calm your pet and ideas on keeping pets healthy.

Episode 1: Services Beyond Adoption at your Local Humane Society

Mary Anne Sheehan, the author of Super Kitty, discusses the impact of education programs and adoption services at local humane societies with her guest, Savannah New. Savannah is the Education Director of the Jacksonville Humane Society (JHS), a 501(c)3 in Jacksonville. The JHS provides many adoption services for 8,000 to 9,000 cats annually. They have an education program for students, and they also provide a lot of loving care for cats and dogs until they are adopted. They are always looking to improve and need volunteers to keep doing what they do!
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