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The Collective Perspective Podcast is a weekly docu-series that covers the latest topics and trends impacting America.  Episodes typically last 45 to 75 minutes and may include guest speakers.  


The music in this show is excerpted from ‘Sweater Weather’ by J.Dash, a rapper, record producer, and songwriter who grew up in Jacksonville, Florida.  

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There is no secret that debates often result in tempers, flaring and or feelings getting hurt from the words of people with opposing views. We at the Collective Perspective do not condone name calling or belittling people that are on the show or anybody else that we talk about in conversation.  We believe in the facts and only representing ourselves and the show with facts.

This is a mature show with the intention of making a difference in society. Fighting and arguing like children or immaturely does not get us anywhere. Therefore, it is frowned upon to take what somebody says in this podcast and hold it against them with their life or their livelihood.

If you become a member of the Collective Perspective, you must agree that diversity is okay. Diversity is what we want to be able to make a cognitive solution to issues we have in the United States and the world.


Jeff Aldrich

Navy Veteran

Travis Eadens

Navy Veteran

DJ Malone

Army Veteran

LATEST Episodes


Episode 34: Mission Accomplished

Collective Perspective Podcast

In this episode, we recap season 2 which started with the most important reason why we, as Americans, are free – freedom of speech. We discussed how propaganda is protected as free speech right along side of the misinformation and disinformation being feed to the public. We even went as far as to tell you how the media and government are lying to us all. We, as Americans, must learn how to be diverse in order to preserve the great freedoms this country currently provides. Please catch us with Season 3 starting in April 2024 as we discuss the most important election of our lives!

Episode 33: American Identity Crisis

Collective Perspective Podcast

An identity crisis happens at a time when some change makes you reevaluate who you are. The United States is at this pivotal point in its nearly 250 years of existence. Are we the people of a constitutional republic or a democracy? Do you even know the difference? We, as Americans, are walking contradictions as we benefit from imperialism but pretend to care what we are as a country. We all play into Corporatocracy and fail to realize society is being controlled by corporations or corporate interests. Thank you to our special guest, President Ronald Reagan, as we recognize how his speech is even more relevant 43 years later. This episode features a clip of the First Inaugural Presidential Address made by President Reagan at the U.S. Capitol Building on January 20, 1981.

Episode 32: New Things Come and Go but Traditions Last Forever – Part 2

Collective Perspective Podcast

We continue the conversation on consumerism and how it reflects our values, emotions and identities. This is a topic that will strike at your central nerves from creating new desires to family traditions. What controls the masses, keeps people docile and listening to their masters? Take a listen as we explore a topic that affects everyone’s lives everyday. This is Part 2 of the conversation on consumerism.

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