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The Collective Perspective Podcast is a weekly docu-series that covers the latest topics and trends impacting America.  Episodes typically last 45 to 75 minutes and may include guest speakers.  


The music in this show is excerpted from ‘Sweater Weather’ by J.Dash, a rapper, record producer, and songwriter who grew up in Jacksonville, Florida.  

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There is no secret that debates often result in tempers, flaring and or feelings getting hurt from the words of people with opposing views. We at the Collective Perspective do not condone name calling or belittling people that are on the show or anybody else that we talk about in conversation.  We believe in the facts and only representing ourselves and the show with facts.

This is a mature show with the intention of making a difference in society. Fighting and arguing like children or immaturely does not get us anywhere. Therefore, it is frowned upon to take what somebody says in this podcast and hold it against them with their life or their livelihood.

If you become a member of the Collective Perspective, you must agree that diversity is okay. Diversity is what we want to be able to make a cognitive solution to issues we have in the United States and the world.


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LATEST Episodes


Episode 21: Coming Together from the Heart LIVE

The Collective Perspective Podcast celebrated the bicentennial of Jacksonville and Juneteenth on June 15, 2022 with a special discussion, featuring guests: Jeremy Mincey, former NFL player and producer of the upcoming film “13th and Pine”, and Tatiana Yoguez, book author of “Life Outside the Game: A Sex Trafficking Testimony.” The cohosts and their guests share stories and different perspectives from their personal experiences and childhoods. They discussed the following seven Race Card prompts: “How did your family and community influence your understanding of race?”; “How do you respond to people who do not speak English?”; “How does fear affect racial understanding in America?”; “What do these hashtags mean to you: #blacklivesmatter, #bluelivesmatter, #alllivesmatter?”; “Do you think racism is a learned behavior? If so, can it be unlearned?”; “Do the majority of Americans see the Confederate flag as a symbol of racism or a symbol of Southern pride?”‘ and “When you witness someone being discriminated against or persecuted because of their race, do you intervene?” Sponsored by the, this finale episode of Season 1 was recorded in front of a live audience at the Underbelly in Jacksonville, Florida. The video version can be found on MTSJAX YouTube channel at

Episode 19: Programmed to Hate in Stereo

Collective Perspective Podcast

Standards and stereotypes influence hate, racism, and bigotry in our world. In this episode, the cohosts and their guest tackle three Race Card prompts: “What are some specific things affecting race relations in our community?”; “What is the model minority myth and how does it impact the Asian community?”; and “How do you talk about race issues with your children or family?” As a Filipino immigrant, Jhun Bacani shares how his culture shaped his initial perspective on race when he moved to the United States and how religion helped transform his beliefs. The conversation covers multiple topics from whitening lotion to parenting and education.

Episode 18: Crossing Boundaries That Divide

Collective Perspective Podcast

Learning comes in many forms, and Race Card discussions promote learning through open dialogue and active listening. Our cohosts and their guests, Alejandra Amegin and Samantha Mora, share their personal journeys in response to these Race Card prompts: “When did you first become aware of your racial identity?” and “Do immigrants help or hurt our economy?” Their diverse backgrounds add to this multi-dimensional conversation about racial triggering events and the pathways to citizenship. This episode is the second of five discussions, sponsored by 

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