Alfredo Machado: Finding Inspiration Everywhere

Alfredo Machado has been an amateur photographer all of his life. After a long career in the Automotive industry, Alfredo has dedicated the past five years to building his skills as a painter. His artwork is on display at the Art Center Cooperative in San Marco.

They say that all photographers are frustrated painters, and I agree with that.

In the Mix

Charlee Guillaume, a multimedia designer with Mix Theory Studios, interviewed six local artists at the Art Center Cooperative in San Marco. This interview is part of the Artist Segment of In the Mix. Video produced by Charlee Guillaume with the help of guest videographer, Josh McLendon of Lost Media Solutions LLC.

Alfredo was born in Caracas, Venezuela, lived in Puerto Rico for about 40 years, and has traveled the world. After the hurricane devastated his home in Puerto Rico, he found his way to Jacksonville by happen stance. He was headed to the Pacific Northwest to stay with his grown children. But as he waited for his car to be offloaded in Jacksonville, he spent a week looking around and decided to stay. That was almost three years ago.

Alfredo Machado captures his world travels through photography. This photo is entitled “Sahara Sunrise.”

I think composition or the ability to compose is something that we’re born with.

Alfredo is self-taught in his artistry. While his photography formed the basis of his creativity, he always wanted to paint. He took classes in drawing, but feels that practice is the only way to get better.

This Acrylic is entitled “My Caribbean” and is for sale for $490.

I think if somebody’s going to sit around thinking about it or talking about it, you’re not going to do anything. So just go ahead and do it.

The Caribbean lifestyle has inspired much of Alfredo’s art, but he finds inspiration in everything around him… colors, movement, spatial relationships. He is also inspired by the French Impressionists. Alfredo says he’s always “searching for that elusive combination of light, shadow, form and color that hopefully stirs an emotion.”

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